AirSeal® & Insufflation

Two ways to improve a hospital’s bottom line? Reducing costs and increasing revenues. Using AirSeal® can help you do both.

Allograft Cartilage & Tissue

CONMED is the exclusive representative of MTF Biologics sports allograft tissue

Biliary & Endoscopic Ultrasound

Sometimes the small things should matter as much as the big things. CONMED is committed to making your work easier with small optimizations and big innovations. 

Biomedical Sensors & Electrodes

If you’re thinking of standardizing your electrode needs, think CONMED.

Biopsy & Polypectomy

An extensive line of therapeutic devices, designed to deliver improved outcomes to physicians, nursing staff, and the patients they treat.

Dilators & Accessories

For endoscopic procedures of the gastrointestinal tract and biliary ducts, this portfolio offers novel benefits and clinical reliability at a competitive price.

Electrosurgical Units (ESUs)

Power your day with simplicity and versatility. Our full offering of argon and electrosurgical generators, disposables, and accessories will exceed your expectations, no matter how basic or advanced.


Stop the bleeding with confident control

Implants & Suture Anchors

To complete your masterwork, you need reliable, secure fixation that's efficiently established. We aim to provide just that. 

Infection Prevention

We see your daily burden to uphold safety standards. It inspires our innovation. This portfolio is designed to reduce the risk of endoscopy-related infections,1-3 and protect your patients and equipment.

Patient Positioning

Start every procedure with the stability you need. Our positioning devices are easy to assemble and maneuver. Lightweight materials ensure they can be effortlessly moved room to room.

Resection, Fluid Management, and Ablation

CONMED has led the forefront of arthroscopy since 1997. Our goal? To provide you with a broad portfolio that meets your clinical, operational, and economic needs.

Smoke Evacuation

There are dangers in surgical smoke.4-7 Together we can help eliminate them. Clear the Air®

Specimen Bags

For specimen retrieval, reliability is key. Our comprehensive offering of various materials, sizes, and bag shapes allows for safe and effective specimen retrieval during open or laparoscopic procedures.

Surgical and Medical Instruments

We understand the clinical needs and demands vary greatly by specialty. That’s why we design with the procedure in mind, empowering you to have an easier day in surgery.

Surgical Imaging

A critical element of any arthroscopic or laparoscopic operating room or endoscopy suite. Delivering the pristine picture your physicians need, with total value you can't beat.

Surgical Power Tools

Hall® has been trusted in operating rooms for over 50 years. Its reputation is built on innovation, efficient processing, and backward forward compatibility. For unmatched value and performance, choose Hall®.

Clear the Air® Program

Taking your facility smoke-free may feel like an overwhelming process. CONMED’s Clear the Air® program has the process down to a science.

Start Your Smoke Free Journey Today

1 AORN. “2016 Guidelines for Perioperative Practice: Guideline for Processing Flexible Endoscopes.” (2016, February).
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A holistic suite of operating room solutions to meet your surgical and medical product needs