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every detail matters...
including what you can't see.

77% of particles in surgical smoke are not filtered out by standard surgical masks.1,2

Surgical smoke is a dangerous by-product generated from the use of lasers, electrosurgical pencils, ultrasonic devices, and other surgical energy-based devices. As these instruments cauterize vessels and destroy (vaporize) tissue, fluid, and blood, a gaseous material known as surgical smoke is created.

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chemical formula animation

150+ chemicals found in
surgical smoke 3

atom animation

Viable bacteria and virus 4

animation of lungs on black background

Ultra-fine particles similar
to coal dust 5


Healthcare workers exposed annually in the US alone 6

27 - 30

Cigarettes OR staff are exposed to daily 7


The number of respiratory problems reported by perioperative nurses compared to the general population 8

40 MPH

Is the rate of speed that smoke particles can travel and be evenly distributed throughout the O.R.9