Argo Knotless™

Suture Anchor

Argo Knotless™ Anchors combine a fully-threaded PEEK construct and tieable Hi-Fi® Ribbon. The anchors are available in 4.75mm and 5.5mm sizes. When used in conjunction with Y-Knot® All-Suture Anchors, surgeons now have a complete and reproducible solution that's designed for maximum speed, simplicity, and compression with almost no changes to their technique.

The extended PEEK eyelet is designed to help reduce the risk of pilot hole misalignment and holds six limbs of #2 Hi-Fi® Suture or Hi-Fi® Ribbon, as well as two limbs of Hi-Fi® Tape combined with two suture limbs. Smart Tension Technology allows Argo Knotless™ to maintain consistent suture tension from insertion to deployment. A vented design allows bony ingrowth to the repair site.

Enjoy reliable and consistent compression.

Argo Knotless™ Anchors are loaded with Hi-Fi® Ribbon, a 1mm wide, flat, and tieable suture. It is nearly twice as wide as #2 suture, providing broader compression and increased tendon-to-bone interface. Ribbon is 14% stronger than #2 High-Strength suture and has smaller knot stacks than USP #2 Suture.1,2


Data on File: PDD1494993.
Data on File: TR17-01219.

Documents and Specifications

Argo Knotless™ Anchor

Argo Knotless™ Anchor, 4.75mm, one 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

CAT # K475
Size 4.75mm
Loaded with 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

Argo Knotless™ Anchor, 5.5mm, one 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

CAT # K55
Size 5.5mm
Loaded with 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

Argo Knotless™ Disposable broaching Punch, 4.75/5.5mm

CAT # K4755DBP
Size 4.75/5.5mm

Argo Knotless™ Reusable broaching Punch, 4.75/5.5mm

CAT # K4755RBP
Size 4.75/5.5mm

Argo Knotless™ Disposable Drill Bit, 4.75/5.5mm

CAT # K4755D
Size 4.75/5.5mm

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