Y-Knot® RC with Needles

Self-Punching All-Suture Anchor

Combine the benefits of Y-Knot® RC with a mini-open system.

The Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor with Needles is ideal for surgeons who use anchors with needles during open procedures. With strong fixation1,2, less bone removal, and a simple, self-punching technique, the Y-Knot® RC with Needles helps overcome the trade-offs of other fixation methods.

As a self-punching all-suture anchor, Y-Knot® RC with Needles can help streamline procedures with a fast efficient technique that eliminates the need to create and find a pilot hole. In addition to requiring less bone removal than larger traditional anchors, the small 2.8mm footprint provides placement and fixation advantages when bone is limited, especially during revisions.


1 Data on File. Y-Knot® RC (triple-loaded) and Arthrex Corkscrew FT (double-loaded) tested in porcine cortical bone.
2 Barber, FA. et al. Arthroscopy. 2013.

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Y-Knot® RC with Needles, 2.8mm, two #2 Hi-Fi® (one Blue, one White/Black)

Size 2.8mm
Loaded with Two #2 Hi-Fi® (one Blue, one White/Black)

Y-Knot® RC with Needles, 2.8mm, three #2 Hi-Fi® (one Blue, one White/Black, one White/Blue)

Size 2.8mm
Loaded with Three #2 Hi-Fi® (one Blue, one White/Black, one White/Blue)

Drill Bits Drill Guides

Y-Knot® RC Slotted Drill Guide (Used with YRC02N and YRC03N)


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