Hall® Surgical Power Tools

Power through your day

Hall® Powered Instruments have been trusted in operating rooms for over 55 years to deliver unmatched value and performance in orthopedic power tools.


Hall® Titan® Powered Instruments System

Raising the bar for performance and efficiency, this reliable large bone system delivers total value

Hall® Lithium Battery

Lighter, longer-lasting, and faster-charging than standard batteries,1 with UL-approval for autoclavability

Hall® Large Bone Attachments

Incorporating quick release for easy transitions between drilling, reaming, sawing, and wire/pin driving

Hall® Pro Large Bone Oscillating Blades

Combining a rigid, stable body and aggressive tooth profile for controlled precise cutting

Sterilization Trays for Power

A multi-tray system with a series of rigid containers and interchangeable inner trays for customizability


MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System

Cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments ergonomically optimized for precision

Micropower+™ Small Bone Power System

Delivering the highest degree of control, comfort, and cutting versatility

Surgairtome Two® and OralMax™ High-Speed Drills

A legacy of dependability and performance, one of the most reliable and accepted oral high-speed drills

Bur Guards and Attachments

An interchangeable portfolio with backward forward compatibility to ensure cost-effective upgrades

MIS Burs

Designed to deliver <5mm cuts for percutaneous procedures

Clinical Performance with Lower Lifetime Operational Costs?*

You can have it all with Hall® Titan®

 *Compared to Stryker Systems that require two different handpieces for large and small bone and non-autoclavable batteries that require separate, more costly sterilization

Hall® Titan® Powered Instruments System

1 CONMED autoclavable NiCad PRO3011 battery