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Y-Knot® PRO Flex

All-Suture Anchor

With it's small size and innovative instrumentation, the Y-Knot® Flex System was designed to help achieve optimal anchor placement.

Y-Knot® Flex anchors provide up to 55% greater fixation strength than conventional 3.0mm press fit anchors, while removing up to 80% less bone.1 The curved and percutaneous delivery systems enable delivery around a curve and perpendicular placement for various procedures in numerous joint spaces. The Y-Knot® PRO Flex features cleatless suture release technology. This eliminates the need for uncleating sutures after implanting the anchor by providing a more efficient delivery system.

Y-Knot® PRO Flex is available with Hi-Fi® Ribbon and #2 suture.

Hi-Fi® Ribbon is a 1.3mm wide, flat, tie-able tape. It's 2X wider than #2 suture for broader compression and increased tendon-to-bone interface. Ribbon is also 14% stronger than high-strength USP #2 suture2 and provides smaller knot stacks than USP #2 suture.3

#2 Hi-Fi® Suture is a braided, non-absorbable suture for soft tissue repair designed to provide exceptional strength for knot tying while helping minimize tendon damage. CONMED's #2 Hi-Fi® Suture was shown to reduce mean cutting rate by over 50% when compared to FiberWire and FiberTape, which were more abrasive on the suture-tendon interface and led to higher tendon tear-through.4


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