MicroLap® Laparoscopes

Product Overview

Discover the benefits of CONMED's MicroLap® Laparoscopes.

MicroLap® Laparoscope - 0˚ Degree
Size 0 Degree
MicroLap® Laparoscope - 30˚ Degree
Size 30 Degree
Protective Laparoscope Sheath
Quick Connect Light Source Adapter
Threaded Light Source Adapter
MicroLap® Laparoscope - 0˚ Degree lil-33-0
MicroLap® Laparoscope - 30˚ Degree lil-33-30
MicroLap Laparoscope Accessories
Protective Laparoscope Sheath lil-ls
Quick Connect Light Source Adapter lil-lsa-qc
Threaded Light Source Adapter lil-lsa-t