Interference Screws

Solid, Screw-in Solutions

This portfolio delivers strong fixation during critical healing periods. And with an abundance of options, we can accommodate your material, sizing, and technique preferences.

GENESYS™ Matryx® Interference Screws

An optimal combination of biologic healing1 and mechanical integrity

EZStart™ Interference Screws

This self-tapping, self-notching screw will save you steps in your BTB technique

Bioscrew® Interference Screws

A family of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) solutions for femoral and tibial applications

Cannulated Interference Screws

Packaged with stainless steel guidewire to facilitate screw insertion

SoftTissue Anchoring System

Low-profile screw and washer option for excellent fixation of soft tissue to bone

4K Visualization, Built CONMED Tough

Our Looking Glass™ system is truly technology that helps you see today, with durability that helps you see tomorrow.

Looking Glass™ 4K Integrated Visualization System

The Knee Innovation You Need

1 Biologic Healing is defined by CONMED as the body’s natural healing process