Micro100™ Pneumatic

Product Overview

The Surgairtome Two® has half century of dependability and performance and is among the most reliable oral high speed drills on the market today:

  • Lightweight and balanced for optimal control, feel and visibility
  • Highly efficient at cutting bone with minimal gas consumption
  • Proven reliability with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Surgairtome Two® Pneumatic High Speed Drill Kit
CAT# 00505800000
Includes Surgairtome Two® Handpick, Medium Bur Guard, Standard Sterilization Case, Universal Hose 10.00', Bur Cleaning Brush
Surgairtome Two® Pneumatic High Speed Drill
CAT# 00505800100
Speed High
Micro100™ Medium Speed Drill
CAT# 00505300900
Micro100™ Reciprocating Saw
CAT# 00505301000
Micro100™ Sagittal Saw
CAT# 00505301100
Micro100™ Oscillating Saw
CAT# 00505301200
Micro100™ XL Oscillating Saw
CAT# 00505302200
Micro100™ Wire Driver
CAT# 00505301300
Replacement Hex Wrench for Micro100™ Sagittal & Oscillating Saw
CAT# 00136500500
Bur guard Sleeve Surgairtome Two®
CAT# 00137511200
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 30
Smart guard® Micro100®
CAT# 00502016000
Smartguard® Irrigator
CAT# 00602026000