Polymer Specimen Bags

Polymer Specimen Bags Product Overview

Sterile, disposable device designed for use as a receptacle for the collection and extraction of tissue, organs, and calculi during laparoscopic surgical procedures. The NEW Specimen Bag Family consists of a flexible memory wire specimen bag and introducer. These polymer Specimen Bags can be used through a 5, 10, or 12mm cannula.

  • Large bag volume to capture large specimens
  • Minimum insertion force enables smooth deployment
  • Ergonomic design provides easy one-handed operation
  • Insert indicator ensures bag will be in proper position when deployed
Hand Held Instruments Ln
Attached Memory Wire Bag, Polymer
Size Cannula 5mm
Diameter 3in (7.62cm)
Length 4in (10.2cm)
Qty 10/case, 1/pkg

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