Traction Tower®

Extremity Traction Device

Product Overview

The TractionTower® Extremity Traction Device provides a complete, sterile method for securing and distracting the hand, wrist or forearm for arthroscopic procedures and fracture reductions. A tension scale ensures precise traction maintenance and monitoring. An adjustable ball joint enables wrist flexion and extension, as well as radial or ulnar deviation. Set-up configurations allow for both dorsal and volar approaches, and an x-ray cassette bracket makes it easy to obtain intraoperative x-rays. An autoclavable case is available for convenient storage and sterilization. The stand-alone design of the TractionTower® allows stability without fixation to an operating table. Between cases, the system is easily disassembled for cleaning.
Traction Tower Extremity Traction Device
CAT 9905a
Wrist Strap 19.00in
Forearm Strap 20.00in
Upper Arm Strap 6.00ft
Digit Trap® Finger Grasping Device Large
CAT 9903
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 20
Digit Trap® Finger Grasping Device
CAT 9906
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 20
Traction Tower Wrist Strap, 19.00in
CAT 9902
Size 19.00in
Cooling Bin, Traction Tower
CAT 9904
Traction Tower Upper Arm Strap with Pad, 6.00ft
CAT 9909
Size 6.00ft
Traction Tower Forearm Strap, 20.00in
CAT 9907
Size 20.00in
Traction Tower Sterilization Tray
CAT 9912