Meniscal Repair

Surgical Technique

Torn knee cartilage generally produces pain in the region of the tear and swelling in the knee joint. Torn meniscus fragments can get caught in the knee joint and, if a large enough fragment becomes lodged between the bearing surfaces, the knee may become unable to be fully bent or extended. Minimally invasive techniques can repair this issue.

CONMED's Sequent® Meniscal Repair Device is an all-inside, stay-inside system comprised of PEEK implants and Hi-Fi® suture that can create up to six continuous stitches for a knotless repair in any configuration. This technology provides surgeons the opportunity for a faster repair and also reduces meniscal trauma and risk of chondral damage. 



Sequent® Meniscal Repair Device

  • Three different size configurations offer the ability to target any size meniscal tear pathology
  • Ultimate fixation strength performance, surpassing similar products in the field1
  • Easy-to-master PRDT (Pierce, Rotate, Deploy, Tension) technique


Zone Specific® II Meniscal Repair System

  • Inside-out system complete with cannulas, needles, and rasps
  • #2-0 high-strength sutured pre-attached

Clinical Resources

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1 Repair of Peripheral Vertical Meniscus Lesions in Porcine Menisci : In Vitro Biomechanical Testing of 3 Different Meniscus Repair Devices. Yee Han Dave Lee, John Nyland, Robert Burden and David N.M. Caborn. Am J Sports Med 2013 41: 1074 originally published online March 8, 2013.

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