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GraftMax™ Button

Adjustable Cortical Fixation Device

The GraftMax™ Button for femoral fixation delivers all of the benefits of an adjustable loop button with the strength and security of a fixed loop device. Designed for use with soft tissue, BTB, and other closed loop grafts, data shows that the GraftMax™ Button provides equivalent graft fixation to a fixed loop device - providing 70% less displacement than other adjustable buttons.1

While other adjustable buttons are limited by a 15mm minimum loop length, GraftMax™ buttons help get maximum graft in the tunnel with a loop that's adjustable to less than 5mm. Additionally, GraftMax™ buttons provide a simple, reproducible technique. They eliminate the tedious calculations and are easier to insert than fixed loop devices. They also provide tactile deployment confirmation and simpler, quicker graft advancement than other adjustable loop devices.


1 Data on File. TR-14-464-1.

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