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TruShot® with Y-Knot®

All-in-One Tissue Fixation System

Specifically designed for small joint procedures, TruShot® all-in-one deployment technology is redefining efficiency and accuracy in the OR.

TruShot® was developed for small joint procedures with leading orthopedic surgeons to provide a simple all-in-one technique. By eliminating unnecessary steps, this system simplifies anchor placement in small bone, while the small all-suture anchors are designed to provide the strong fixation surgeons need. The easy-to-use delivery system includes a drill guide, drill bit, and anchor. This saves time and reduces the risk of misalignment during drilling and anchor insertion.

Shallow Anchor Deployment Technology
Configurations using the Y-Knot® Shallow anchor require only 10mm of tunnel depth. A unique deployment mechanism deploys the anchor at the bottom of the tunnel to ensure secure fixation. This allows anchor placement in areas of limited bone depth.

Strong Fixation with Less Bone Removal
The small anchor size can help improve placement options when bone area is limited. The strong all-suture construct provides excellent fixation strength. Testing shows the TruShot® with Y-Knot® Shallow #2-0 with 90N and the TruShot® with Y-Knot® Shallow #0 with 152N of average peak tensile load.1

Not Just for Small Joint
TruShot® is also useful for procedures in other joint spaces, including MPFL and Pec Major repair.


1 Data on file. TR18-00573.
* TruShot® may not be indicated for all these procedures outside the US.

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