PCL Reconstruction - Surgical Technique


As the anterior cruciate ligament's counterpart, the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) primarily protects against posterior translation of the tibia. When torn, the patient may require reconstruction to restore the function of the PCL. The surgeon may choose to use an autograft or allograft to reconstruct the PCL, and may fixate the graft in place with implants such as suspensory or interference devices. Many techniques have been described for this challenging procedure, such as transtibial, tibial inlay, and double-bundle techniques.

What our customers have to say."The ExoShape® solution allows me to achieve aperture fixation producing both a strong and stiff ligament reconstruction with two-bundle anatomic footprints on both the femoral and tibial attachments of the PCL."

- Geoffrey B. Higgs, MD
Paid CONMED consultant