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Graft Tensioner

The SE™ (Stress Equalization) Graft Tensioning System is an innovative device that allows the surgeon to appropriately tension the individual bundles of a hamstring graft in a reproducible manner. The SE™ system provides a unique method for individualizing the tension applied to the semitendinosus and gracilis based on the diameter of each of these graft strands. The result of this strategy in hamstring ACL reconstruction is a uniform load distribution across the entire multi-strand graft.

Documents and Specifications


SE™ Graft Tensioner

CAT # C9050

Drill Bit/Guide

SE™ Graft Tensioner Drill Guide, 6.0mm

CAT # C9051
Measurement 6.0mm

SE™ Graft Tensioner Drill Guide, 8.0mm

CAT # C9052
Measurement 8.0mm


SE™ Graft Tensioner Suture Separators

CAT # C9053

SE™ Graft Tensioner Breakaway Pins

CAT # C9054
Qty 10/box

3.50mm Hex Cannulated Driver, Fixed

CAT # 8608

Grat Sizing Ring, Large


Graft Sizing Ring, Small


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