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Surgical Smoke Evacuator

ViroVac® Surgical Smoke Evacuator is compact, but no less capable, to meet all your physician office and outpatient center needs.

The versatile, patented 3-Port filter design features covered, hidden male ports and accommodates a variety of tubing sizes. Variable filter life (up to 35 hours) delivers value and reduces costs per procedure. Filter tracking technology automatically tracks and records filter life. EZLink®, an automatic activation device, can be used to remotely turn the evacuator on and off, saving filter life. ViroSafe® Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluids to help maintain the integrity of the filtration system and assist with maintaining filter life.

Documents and Specifications

Capital Unit

ViroVac® Surgical Smoke Evacuator 100/120V w/Filter

CAT # VV120
Qty 1 each

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