Smoke Evacuators and Filters

Pull the Plume from the Room

VisiClear® Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Our most advanced acute care offering to capture and filter surgical smoke

angled view of visiclear

ViroVac® Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Compact for physician offices and outpatient centers, with a customizable filter life and 3-port filter

angled view of virovac

ClearView™ Surgical Smoke Evacuator

A quiet, effective solution featuring 4-stage ULPA filtration

angled right clearview surgical smoke evacuator showing controls

Replacement Filters

Offering an extensive line of filters and pre-filters with 4-in-1 filtration housing, and filters for non-CONMED evacuators.

three differently sized buffalo filter and conmed replacement filters

Taking your facility smoke-free may feel like an overwhelming process.

CONMED’s Clear the Air® program has the process down to a science.

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Low-pressure laparoscopy

Ready to elevate your technique?

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