Sigmoid Suction Instruments

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Sigmoid Product Overview

The Sigmoid clear, single-use Suction Instrument is primarily used for sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies and femur suctioning during hip replacements to evacuate blood, fluid and other debris.

  • Designed for use with a rigid sigmoidoscope
  • ON/OFF suction control to reduce tissue grab
  • Available with select tubing pre-attached
  • 18 French, 30cm
Suction Instruments Ln
Sigmoid Suction Instrument
CAT # 0033040
French 18
Length 30.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 50
Packaged Sterile
Sigmoid Suction Instrument with 6.00ft Pre-Attached Tubing
CAT # 0033050
French 18
Length 30.00cm
Tube 6.00ft (1.80m)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 20
Packaged Sterile

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