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Pencil Sheaths Product Overview

The Sterile Sheath is a convenient and economical way to maintain a sterile field while using the Hyfrecator electrosurgical reusable pencils. The sheath is designed to fit over both Hyfrecator and other handheld instruments. The extra sheath length allows the instrument to be placed within the sterile field. A non-sterile sheath is also available. Employed use of sheaths promotes pencil longevity, speeds changeover from patient to patient, and prevents pencil exposure to contaminants.

Hyfrecator® Pencil Sheath 8.00in
CAT # 7-796-18bx
Length 8.00in (20.00cm)
Purchasing Unit of Measure 100/box
Packaged Non-Sterile
Handpiece Sheath 36.00in
CAT # 7-796-19bx
Length 36.00in (91.44cm)
Purchasing Unit of Measure 25/box
Packaged Sterile

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