Huggables® Pediatric and Neonatal Electrodes - Snap Style

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Huggables® Product Overview

Huggables® Snap Style ECG Electrodes w/Wet Gel Technology -The Huggables® feature a clear, perforated tape material that provides continuous observation of the patient’s skin during monitoring, while allowing moisture to evaporate for increased comfort. A light coat weight of acrylic adhesive on the basepad reduces the possibility of skin irritation. The Huggables® utilize a low chloride, wet gel formulation which provides quick signal retention, strong signal quality and stable baseline waveforms. Motion artifact is minimized due to the small, conformable design that “hugs” the body. The Huggables® go on and come off patients with ease, while maintaining a secure, but gentle hold to the skin when in use.
Pediatric/Neonatal ECG Electrode Huggables® Snap Wet Gel; 1/pouch
CAT # 1620-001
Pouch 1
Pouches Per Box Qty 30
Boxes 20 per case
Electrodes per Case Qty 600
Pediatric/Neonatal ECG Electrode Huggables® Snap Wet Gel; 3/pouch
CAT # 1620-003
Pouch 3
Pouches Per Box Qty 10
Boxes 20 per case
Electrodes per Case Qty 600

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