QuickGraft™ Pre-Sutured Allograft Tendons

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QuickGraft™ Product Overview

Say goodbye to whip-stitching. QuickGraft™ Pre-Sutured Allograft Tendons are pre-sutured with #2 Hi-Fi® suture in a single-tendon, quadruple layer construct that virtually eliminates the time and tediousness of graft preparation.

  • QuickGraft™ tendons feature whipstitch tails and loading sutures in blue/white, black/white colors for easy orientation.
  • QuickGraft™ tendons are never treated with H2O2, harmful chemicals, or terminal radiation during allograft processing.
  • QuickGraft™ tendons are minimally processed to help preserve the allograft’s natural biomechanical and healing properties.

Every QuickGraft™ tendon comes with specific folded diameter measurements.

All QuickGraft™ tendons will fall within these specifications:

  • Length: 50mm – 90mm
  • Folded Diameter, Femoral (FDF): 7.0mm – 12.0mm
  • Folded Diameter, Tibial (FDT): 7.0mm – 12.0mm

QuickGraft™ is the only non-terminally irradiated pre-sutured allograft tendon currently available on the market.

QuickGraft™ Pre-sutured Allograft Tendon
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