PlumePort® SEV Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device

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PlumePort® SEV Product Overview

PlumePort® SEV is sterile surgical smoke management tubing that connects from a standard surgical trocar to a smoke evacuator for efficient and safe removal of surgical smoke during laparoscopic procedures. Surgical plume evacuation is controlled via the surgical plume removal valve.

  • Active Smoke Removal
    Controlled Management of plume throughout the surgical procedure via surgical smoke removal valve.

  • Surgical Smoke Removal Valve
    Aids in reducing loss of insufflation gas while managing plume.

  • Universal Connectivity
    Easily connects to standard surgical trocars and most surgical plume evacuators.

  • Attachment Clip
    Conveniently attaches wherever needed.

  • Latex Free

PlumePort® SEV Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device
CAT # blap100v

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