Disposable Veress Needles

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Disposable Veress Needles Product Overview

CONMED's Disposable Insufflation (Veress Type) Needles are used to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal surgery:

  • Spring-loaded, retractable safety tip protector. Retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal tissue and automatically advances once the peritoneum is penetrated.
  • Visual needle position indicator
  • Clear handle for easy hang drop test, and a luer lock connector for insufflating the abdominal cavity
ConMed® 12.00cm Pneumoperitoneum Disposable Insufflation Needle
CAT # 60-6050-001
Gauge 14
Length 12.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 10/case, 1/pkg
ConMed® 15.00cm Pneumoperitoneum Disposable Insufflation Needle
CAT # 60-6050-002
Gauge 14
Length 15.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 10/case, 1/pkg

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