26" and 32" LED HD Monitor and Wireless System

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26" and 32" LED HD Monitor and Wireless System Product Overview

Upgrade your OR to the next generation of vivid clinical visualization with CONMED’s NEW HD LED Medical Grade Monitors and with our NEW Wireless System for your 2nd monitor. These monitors are designed to provide surgeons with the optimal surgical image for multi-specialty procedures, as well as superior color reproduction and visualization of critical anatomical structures.

LED Backlight technology with auto adjusting feature (if preferred).

  • Rapid signal detection, robust mode tables
  • Artifact-free HD images
  • Environment friendly - uses less energy overall (power consumption) with zero mercury.
  • Calibrated to clinical color spectrum (BT709 Industry Standard).
  • Image pan, zoom, freeze, picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture
  • Supports wider range of digital and analog inputs/outputs including dual DVI, dual 3G SDI and SOG.
  • Allows for Fiber optic capability
  • On-board +5V DC out power for smaller component needs (including wireless accessories).
HD LED, LCD Monitor, 26 IN
CAT # vp4826
Monitor Cover, 26"
CAT # vp4826c
HD LED, LCD Monitor, 32 IN
CAT # vp4832
Monitor Cover, 32"
CAT # vp4832c
Wireless AV Transceiver System
CAT # wuh4000
CAT # vp4932
Replacement Power Supply for VP4726/F
CAT # vp4726ps
Flat Screen Roll Stand
CAT # vp4602

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