IM8000 True HD Camera Heads

IM8000 Product Overview

Designed to work with CONMED’s IM8000 Camera Console, all of CONMED’s True HD Camera Heads feature the latest 3MOS chip technology:

  • Delivers improved resolution and a 20 percent increase in light sensitivity1  for greater visibility of the surgical site and an enhanced view of critical anatomical structures.
  • All three camera heads are designed to be autoclavable, which is the most cost-effective form of sterilization.
  • For increased durability and reliability, these camera heads feature our proprietary ShockFlex prism mounting designed to limit surprises in the OR caused by faulty equipment and ensure a long life span.

IM8120 Eyecup

As CONMED’s most popular camera head, these are used in multispecialty procedures and connect to industry standard Eyecup scopes, used for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, ENT, GYN and Thoracic.

IM8121 Cartridge

As CONMED’s Proprietary IP, designed for a fog-free camera experience with unique scope interface in surgical procedures where fluid destination is required. The low profile design provides an ergonomic user-experience, allowing for scope rotation (posting) to provide optimal surgical views.

IM8123 Urology

CONMED’s specialty camera head is ergonomically designed with a free rotating coupler (12 o’clock orientation) and camera head cable 90° to the body with a smaller optical lens for full-circle image on the monitor.

Camera Head
True Hd™ 3Mos Camera Head - Eyecup
CAT # im8120
True Hd™ 3Mos Camera Head - Cartridge
CAT # im8121
Autoclavable True HD 3MOS “Urology” Camera Head
CAT # im8123

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