NEW! VP8500

Integrated Video Cart

Product Overview

Space is limited in an OR – and you need a video cart that helps you use the valuable space more efficiently. We asked our customers what they wanted in a video cart and incorporated those features into our bestin-class. CONMED's new VP8500 video cart has the same features you like with improvements like articulating arms, video outputs, an improved transformer, adjustable 10K® pump mount, extra storage and more.

Features and Benefits

  •  Versatility
    • Improved Articulating Arms support all CONMED monitors, including a secondary monitor with a fold-up keyboard tray for maximum versatility in viewing and adjusting the OR image
    • New Video Outputs supports a wider range of signals for compatibility with different monitors
    • The built-in improved transformer provides an increased rating and features multiple additional outlets to safely power all your devices
    • Self-contained design and high quality casters allow you to easily move cart from room to room
    • Improved cart design provides strength and durability in a small footprint
  • Efficiency
    • Space saving cart features five adjustable 14" shelves
    • CO2 tank holder can accommodate two tanks and features a selector valve and pressure gauges
    • Cart features an adjustable-height side mount for our 10K® pump, helping save space in the OR by freeing up an extra shelf for other equipment
    • Back panel features additional storage drawers for components
    • New spine designed to improve structural integrity for heavier componentry
Primary Articulating Arm
Secondary Articulating Arm with Keyboard Tray and Power Brick Holder
10K Pump Holder
Dual Tank Gauge
CO2 Holder, Dual Tank Holder
CO2 Holder, Single Tank Holder
Storage Drawer
Camera Head Holder
Footswitch Bin
Tank Wrench with Magnetic Base
Primary Articulating Arm vp8570
Secondary Articulating Arm with Keyboard Tray and Power Brick Holder vp8571
10K Pump Holder vp8572
Dual Tank Gauge vp8573
CO2 Holder, Dual Tank Holder vp8574
CO2 Holder, Single Tank Holder vp8575
Storage Drawer vp8576
Camera Head Holder vp8577
Footswitch Bin vp8578
Tank Wrench with Magnetic Base vp8580

Video: CONMED Visualization System - Product Video