Cytology and Hystology Needles

Product Overview

WANG transbronchial aspiration needles were the first available and the inspiration for it all. Developed by Dr. Ko Pen Wang and offered exclusively from ConMed Endoscopic Technologies, the WANG needles can be used in virtually every segment of the lung. With cytology and histology versions available the WANG transbronchial aspiration needle line offers the greatest needle selection available to pulmonary medical professionals. Each needle is disposable, easy to use, and offer exclusive features to ensure optimal specimen collection.

  • Complete range of needles offered in 19, 21 and 22 gauge
  • Smooth hubs and retractable needles to ensure safe scope passage
  • Clear Teflon® catheters allow for direct visualization of aspirate
  • Stiffer versions for central lesions, flexible for peripheral lesions or a combined version for both locations
  • Locking mechanisms to ensure needle stability when sampling
WANG® Transbronchial Aspiration Histology Needle 13.00mm X 15.00cm, 19/21G
CAT# mw-319
WANG® Transbronchial Aspiration Cytology Needle 13.00mm X 140.00cm, 22G
CAT# mw-322