BiCap® Superconductor™ Probes

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BiCap® Superconductor™ Probes Product Overview

As the only bipolar hemostasis probe with three pairs of electrodes and a ceramic tip to help provide consistent power distribution and heat dissipation, CONMED's BiCap® Superconductor Probes are designed to help you achieve even energy distribution.

  • Omnidirectional electrode spacing and large electrode area provide thermal heating with reduced tissue sticking and larger area coverage.
  • Available with a short 3.3mm probe tip length for easier passage through a deflected scope.
  • Color-coded shafts allow for the easy identification of size.
  • Central irrigation channel to improve visibility.
Power Units and Accessories Ln
BiCap® III Monopolar Footswitch, Low Profile
CAT # 60-6700-001
Cable Length 15.00ft (4.57m)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
Generators Ln
BiCap® III ESU 120.00V
CAT # 60-8512-120
BiCap® III System Including Footpedals
CAT # 60-8512-sys
Hemostasis Ln
BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 10.00F, 30.00cm
CAT # bp-10300a
BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 350.00cm
CAT # bp-7350a
BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 300.00cm
CAT # bp-7300a
BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 5.00F, 200.00cm
CAT # bp-5200a
BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 350.00cm, Short Tip
CAT # bp-7350s

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