CleanGuide™ Disposable Marked Spring Tip Guidewire

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CleanGuide™ Product Overview

The sterile CleanGuide™ Disposable Marked Spring Tip Guidewire helps reduce the risk of potential cross contamination that could occur from using a reusable guidewire.

  • Sterile - CleanGuide™ is the only sterile disposable spring tip guidewire in the market designed specifically for dilation 
  • Facility Safety - CleanGuide™ is a single-use product that eliminates the need to reprocess the wire.  By eliminating the reprocessing, we limit the exposure of hazardous material to the staff cleaning the wire and limit the ability for the wire to spring open during reprocessing potentially causing harm.
  • Patient Safety - Over time, the overuse of reusable guidewires can eventually cause the tip to bend, fatigue, discolor, become loose or crack which may cause harm. The sterile, disposable design of CleanGuide™ guidewires helps mitigate this concern.
CleanGuide™ Disposable Marked Spring Tip Guidewire
CAT # dis150
Qty 10/Box

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