FX Wire® Advanced Measurement Guidewire

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FX Wire® Product Overview

Benefits Beyond Measurement

When it comes to device delivery in tough-to-reach biliary anatomy, our FX Wire® fully-integrated measurement guidewires provide the size and simplicity necessary for easy instrument access and guidance.

  • Hydrophilic, Flexible, Atraumatic Tip-Facilitates access past obstructions and tortuous anatomy
  • REGILIANT Nitinol Core-Kink-resistant, optimal column strength provides enhanced stricture access, easy device exchange and superior torque response
  • Lubricious Silicone Coating-Provides smooth, seamless device exchange
  • Light Blue PTFE Jacket with Black Markings- Enhances visualization by reducing endoscopic glare
Biliary Ln
FXWire® Advanced Measurement Guidewire 0.035in X 450.00cm
CAT # fx35450a
FXWire® Advanced Measurement Guidewire 0.035in X 260.00cm
CAT # fx35260a
FXWire® Advanced Measurement Guidewire 0.035in X 450.00cm, Straight
CAT # fx35450s
FXWire® Advanced Measurement Guidewire 0.035in X 260.00cm, Straight
CAT # fx35260s

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