ScopeSaver™ Latex-Free Bite Block

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ScopeSaver™ Product Overview

Designed For protection and comfort

  • Our straps are designed to reduce entanglement during application and removal of bite block.
  • Smooth Strap for patient comfort
  • Protect your staff and patients from Latex Exposure
  • Prevent costly scope repairs

Superior BITE BLOCK design

  • Large, flexible side port openings allow insertion of suction tube and enables finger-assisted scope passage
  • Rear-guard retaining lip maximizes Bite-Block retention and scope protection
  • The large Scope Saver Accommodates up to 60F American Dilator
Cet Accessories Ln
Large Scope Saver® Bite Block Latex Free
CAT # 000429
Lumen Size 20.00 X 27.00mm
Color Green
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 50
Small Scope Saver® Bite Block Latex Free
CAT # 100429
Lumen Size 14.00 x 20.00mm
Color Purple
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 25

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