CleanCage™ Endoscope Valve-Tracking System

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CleanCage™ Product Overview

CleanCage helps ensure safe handling and tracking of endoscope valves during cleaning, disinfection and storage.

  • Traceability New reprocessing standards require you to track which scope is used with which patient. CleanCage keeps your valves and other detachable parts together with the parent endoscope during reprocessing so you can track where they were used.
  • Meets the Standards of AAMI, ANSI and SGNA - CleanCage meets standards of AAMI, American National Standard ST91; 2015 and SGNA Standards of Infection Prevention in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes.
  • Single-Use for Safety - Unlike mesh bags that get reused, remain wet after reprocessing and have the potential for contamination, CleanCage is a disposable, single-use product to help ensure your patients’ safety and your peace of mind.
CleanCage™ Endoscope Valve-Tracking System
CAT # cc8475
Qty 100/box

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