CleanTray™ Endoscope Pre-Cleaning System

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CleanTray™ Product Overview

Simply add water to this all-in-one tray, channel cleanser and scope sponge to simplify and standardize your immediate post-procedure bedside endoscope pre-cleaning.

  • Meets Industry Guidelines - CleanTray meets the pre-cleaning guidelines as defined in ASGE’s Multi-society Guideline on Reprocessing Flexible GI Endoscopes as well as the SGNA Practice Committee Standards of Infection Control.
  • Reduced Costs - Using the CleanTray System is as simple as adding water. This reduces the shipping costs of pre-mixed products as well as reduces the storage space needed in your facility.
  • Sturdy Construction - The solid tray construction helps make it easier to maneuver the scope compared to competitive products that use a pouch.
CleanTray™ Endoscope Pre-Cleaner, Bedside Pre-Cleaning Endoscope Kit
CAT # ct7357
Qty 100/box

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