PlumePort® Passive Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device

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PlumePort® Passive Product Overview

The PlumePort® Passive device provides passive laparoscopic smoke filtration with integrated ULPA filtration coupled with activated carbon. This safely filters the aerosolized contents of peritoneal smoke during laparoscopy. With a dual management moisture control process of a wicking agent and fluid trap, PlumePort® offers essential media integrity for greater protection during longer cases.

  • Adjustable Flow Control
    Lightweight design and integral control maintains peritoneal distention

  • ULPA Filtration
    Contains large amounts of ULPA filtration media to provide enhanced protection and extended filter life

  • Universal Connectivity
    Easily connects to all standard luer lock fittings

PlumePort® Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device
CAT # pp010
Qty 10/case

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