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Reusable Electrodes Reusable Accessories Product Overview

To facilitate the Hyfrecator’s applicability for an array of surgical usage, CONMED offers a wide choice of reusable electrode sizes and shapes to respond to a variety of treatment sites.

Extra Fine Needle Electrode
CAT # 714
Angled 30 Degrees
Measurements 3/8in, 1.00cm
Epilation/ Telangiectasias Needle
CAT # 714-s
Angled 30 Degrees
Measurements 3/8in, 1.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 6
Short Desiccation Needle
CAT # 7-221-s
Measurement 3/8in (1.00cm)
Total Length 2.00in (5.00cm)
Long Desiccation Needle
CAT # 716
Measurement 3/8in (1.00cm)
Total Length 5.00in (13.00cm)
Short Ball Electrode 1.80in
CAT # 138019
Electrode Measurement 1.80in (0.33cm)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 5
General Purpose Electrode with Protective Insulator
CAT # 711b
Angled 30 Degrees
Electrode Measurement 5/8in (2.20cm)
Overall 3.00in (7.60cm)
Fine Wire Needle
CAT # 705a
Angled 75 Degrees
Electrode Measurement 1/2in (1.30cm)
Long Desiccation and Coagulation Needle
CAT # 7-221-l
Measurement 5/8in (1.588cm)
Total Length 5.00in (12.70cm)
Needle Electrode 5/8in
CAT # 138004
Electrode Measurement 5/8in
Overall 2.00in
Purchasing Unit of Measurement Qty 5
Angled Ball Electrode
CAT # 7-222-a
Angled 30 Degrees
Measurement 3/32in (0.26cm)
Total Length 2.10in (5.30cm)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
Electrode Starter Kit
CAT # 700
Long Ball Electrode
CAT # 7-222-l
Measurement 7/32in (0.56cm)
Total Length 5.00in (13.00cm)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
Needle Electrode for Pinpoint Procedures
CAT # 7-221-a
Angled 30 Degrees
Measurement 3/4in
Total Length 2.50in (6.45cm)

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