CONMED Manual Instruments

Product Overview

CONMED has set the standard for arthroscopic instrumentation with a reputation for precise and dependable manual instruments. From forceps and graspers to punches and probes, all the instruments in CONMED’s extensive portfolio are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths for use in a variety of arthroscopic procedures.

Seahawks™ Suture Passer, Left
CAT# gu2000
Seahawks™ Suture Passer, Right
CAT# gu2001
Seahawks™ RC Suture Passer, Left
CAT# gu2002
Seahawk™ RC Suture Passer, Right
CAT# gu2003
Katana High-Strength Suture Cutter
CAT# gu1009
Grasping Forceps, 3.4mm Dia., Straight w/ Ratchet
CAT# 11-1001
Suture Retrieval Forceps, 34mm Dia.
CAT# 16-1018
Raven™ Suture Retriever, Straight
CAT# gu1004
Raven Suture Retriever, 35° Up
CAT# gu1008
Knot Pusher
CAT# c6112