D4000 Arthroscopic Resection System

D4000 Arthroscopic Resection System product page hero image

D4000 Product Overview

CONMED's  next generation of powered instrument consoles for arthroscopic resection, the NEW D4000 has intuitive features that deliver new levels of simplicity, versatility and performance:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Automatic Fluid Adjustment with ConMed’s 24k® Pump
  • Two plug and play handpiece ports provides continuous, uninterrupted power
  • Versatile -  supports 31 handpieces, 5 languages, features built-in wireless connectivity to support multiple wireless foot controllers and allows for customizable user-profiles
Fluid Componentry
D4001D, Optional Drawer with Mounting Hardware
CAT # d4001d
D4001, Procedure Cart
CAT # d4001
D4001S, Optional Accessory Shelf
CAT # d4001s
24k Interface cable, 2 meters
CAT # d4024
Length 2m
Shaver Componentry
D4000A Arthro Power Console with Irrigation
CAT # d4000a
Height 5.6"(14.2cm)
Width 14"(35.6cm)
Depth 16.5"(41.9cm)
Electric Consoles and Accessories
D4000 Arthro Power Console
CAT # d4000
Height 5.6"(14.2cm)
Width 14"(35.6cm)
Depth 16.5"(41.9cm)

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