PLC Reconstruction

Surgical Technique

Posterolateral corner (PLC) injuries involve damage to the lateral collateral ligament, the popliteus tendon, and the popliteofibular ligament. Accounting for about 20% of complex knee injuries1, these injuries are commonly seen in conjunction with injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Depending on severity, PLC injuries may be treated conservatively or surgically. Multiple surgical approaches to PLC injuries have been described, many of which involve the use of a graft either from the patient or from a donor. All approaches aim to restore the original anatomy and function of the PLC, which is to stabilize the knee against posterior and laterally directed forces.



ExoShape® Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction Solution

  • Non-Rotational: protects the graft from thread damage
  • Aperture Fixation: achieves anatomic reconstruction
  • Shape Memory PEEK Altera®: simplified insertion and expansion


TenoLok® Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction Solution

  • Minimal tendon disruption
  • No whip-stitching
  • Simple and reproducible

Allograft Tendons

  • Recent clinical data suggests equivalence between Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) soft tissue allografts and autografts for ACL reconstruction2 , and demonstrates no difference in outcome between younger and older patients.3,4,5

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1Smith KE et al. Shape-memory Polymers for Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair. Techniques in Orthopedics 2017;32:141-148 

 This material provides information regarding how to use CONMED medical devices and instruments in surgical procedures.  Although reviewed by physicians it is not medical advice and each surgeon should use their own professional judgment before using to treat a particular patient.  Surgeons should be trained in the use of such devices before surgery and should always refer to the product labeling including the Instructions for Use before using any medical device.

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