ACLR System

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Product Overview

This system is designed for transverse femoral fixation of soft tissue grafts in ACL reconstruction, allowing for increased pull out strength. The Pinn-ACLR CrossPin System consists of a bioabsorbable Graft Harness implant and CrossPin implant.

  • The Pinn-ACL CrossPin's unique surgical technique offers the surgeon the ability to visualize the exact point of femoral fixation
  • Supports and suspends the graft without tissue penetration
  • CrossPin absorption begins in vivo approximately 15 to 24 weeks
  • The Pinn-ACL CrossPin System instruments have an innovative design with a built in 3-point precision reference system
Pinn-ACL® Implant 40.00mm (15.00mm) Self-Reinforced CrossPin
CAT # cpp-4015
Measurement 40.00mm
Packaged Sterile
Pinn-ACL® Implant 45.00mm (20.00mm) Self-Reinforced CrossPin
CAT # cpp-4520
Measurement 45.00mm
Packaged Sterile
Pinn-ACL® Implant 50.00mm (25.00mm) Self-Reinforced CrossPin
CAT # cpp-5025
Measurement 50.00mm
Packaged Sterile
Pinn-ACL® Implant 8.00mm Graft Harness and Transverse Cannula
CAT # cph-8000
Measurement 8.00mm
Packaged Sterile
Pinn-ACL® Implant 9.00mm Graft Harness and Transverse Cannula
CAT # cph-9000
Measurement 9.00mm
Packaged Sterile
Pinn-ACL® CrossPin U-Guide
CAT # cps-8902
Pinn-ACL® CrossPin Drill Bit
CAT # cps-8903
Pinn-ACL® CrossPin Driver
CAT # cps-8904
Pinn-ACL® Implant 8.00mm Positioning Rod
CAT # cps-8908
Measurement 8.00mm
Pinn-ACL® Implant 9.00mm Positioning Rod
CAT # cps-8909
Measurement 9.00mm