All-Inside ACL Reconstruction

Surgical Technique

ACL Reconstruction using an all-inside approach involves closed socket tunnels to achieve an anatomic replication of the native ACL. This minimally invasive approach requires minimal bone removal and small skin incisions making this an ideal technique for ACL Reconstruction.  All-inside ACL procedures utilize a button construct for suspensory fixation.


Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button

  • No Minimum Loop Length: For optimal patient outcomes, this fully adjustable button has no minimal loop length and has been designed to allow for maximum graft fill in the tunnel

  • Dual Locking Mechanism: Mechanical and friction locking mechanisms combine to create graft fixation.

Infinity™ Tibial Button

  • Provides tibial suspensory fixation for all-inside procedures
  • Open cleat design allows for easy attachment of button to the Infinity™ Free Loop
  • Self-centering bulb enables alignment over tibial tunnel 

Infinity™ Free Loop

  • Combines with the Infinity™ Tibial Button to provide tibial suspensory fixation for all-inside procedures

  • Preloaded with a locking suture that prevents premature loop tensioning during graft prep and placement

  • Dual friction locks provide secure fixation

Infinity™ Retro-Reamer

  • Solution for all-inside reaming with simple actuation
  • 3.5mm shaft diameter with 6-12mm reaming sizes with half size increments in sizes 6.5-9.5mm
  • AO/Trinkle Quick Connect attachment compatible

Interested in All-Inside ACL Reconstruction Technique?


1 Wilson, Adrian J and et. al. “Anatomic All-Inside Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction using the Translateral Technique”. Arthroscopy Techniques Journal. May 2013.

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