Reshaping the Future of Cartilage Repair


An off-the-shelf solution for any chondral lesion in the body, commonly used in the knee, foot, and ankle.

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How is CartiMax® Different?

It offers the potential to facilitate hyaline cartilage growth and regeneration, through simple preparation and an easy technique.

Viable Chondrocytes

Providing the necessary building blocks for cartilage repair, i.e. type II collagen, proteoglycans, and endogenous growth factors1

Optimal Handling Properties

Putty-like construct easily conforms to a variety of defect shapes and sizes without the need for shaping, trimming, suturing, or gluing

cartimax allograft cartilage

24-Month Shelf-Life

Offering a ready-to-go solution that demonstrates stable viability up to 2 years post-cryopreservation1

cartimax allograft cartilage in it's off the shelf container

High Volume of Material

One package contains enough cartilage matrix to fill a 5cm2 lesion

cartimax allograft cartilage high volume of material

Back to Living, Faster 

CartiMax® is a readily available solution, so your patients can skip the “waiting list” and avoid two-stage procedures that prolong their recovery. 

Patient and Clinical Testimonials

Strengthen Your Repair, Optimize Your Healing

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