The Bleeding
with Confident Control
When an unexpected bleed occurs, the solution must be immediate and reliable . CONMED offers a full portfolio of hemostasis solutions so you can control the situation quickly and effectively, keeping your patients safe and getting you back to the procedure.
How do you handle a bleed?
See the Difference
DuraClip® has a short post-deployed clip stem offering you greater visibility when placing multiple clips.


Unlimited Positioning, Limited Footprint
Unlike other Hemo clips that limit opening and closing, DuraClip® offers infinite manipulation prior to deployment with and two sizes for a variety of applications. 

The 11mm and 16mm deployed stem size are low profile, measuring 52% and 32% shorter than the leading competitor for increased visibility and access.
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Sophisticated Energy
with Unrivalled Ease-of-Use
Endoscopic Electrosurgical Platform
When designed and refined by users like you, the result is 
a perfectly integrated technology, expertly designed to meet your needs.
Argon Probe Series
Designed to enhance patient outcomes, Beamer® Argon Probes include a variety of features that help physicians quickly, accurately, and safely coagulate bleeding tissue.
Long Beam, Low Flow
Both the Axial and SideFire Argon probes offer non-contact coagulation with a long, controlled beam that can be initiated without contacting the mucosa.
The ceramic tip is designed to prevent tissue from sticking to the device and provide visual contrast of the probe against the mucosa in a bloody field.
Unique Two-in-One Solution


The Beamer® Argon Snare Probe can address multiple needs with one device. Experience the freedom to snare, resect, and ablate without ever switching instruments.


The Bleeding Stops Here.

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