Latex Information

To Whom It May Concern:

To keep our customers aware of any possible or potential reactions and/or side effects from the use of our products we provide the following list of devices and device components that are known to contain natural rubber latex. These substances may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

These products are a part of our Gastroenterology/Pulmonary product line as well as products in the Arthroscopy/Orthopedic product line. No other CONMED products are made with natural rubber latex. 
Product Item Number Device/Component
 Stiegmann-Goff™ Endoscopic Ligator Kit  000221, 000227, 200220-221  "O" ring contains latex
 Stiegmann-Goff™ Bandito™ Endoscopic Ligator  100225-226  "O" ring contains latex
 DuraGlide3™ Stone Removal Balloon  007123-007125, 007143-007145  Latex balloon
 DuraGlide™ Stone Removal Balloon  000635, 000637-638, 000646-647  Latex balloon
Catalog Number Product Description 
 60-5175-036  Irrigation Fluid Pump Set (LPIS Pump)
 83100  Tube Set Arthroscopy (83000 Pump)

There are no alternative latex free tubing sets that are able to function with the LPIS Pump or CONMED 83000 Arthroscopy System. However, our Apex® Universal Irrigation System, 87000 Pump System, 10K® Pump system and 24K® Pump System utilize tubing sets that are not made with natural rubber latex. 

The following kits contain latex ONLY in the plunger of the syringe used for infusing lidocaine, sterile water, medications, or feeding formula: 

Product Item Number 
 CONMED® Monopty® 000402, 000439, 000441 
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