Resection, Fluid Management, & Ablation

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CONMED has led the forefront of arthroscopy since 1997. Our goal? To provide you with a broad portfolio that meets your clinical, operational, and economic needs.

Sterling® Blades and Burs

A reliable, economic portfolio for your arthroscopic resection needs

D4000A Arthroscopic Resection System

Versatile and easy-to-use with automatic fluid adjustment and two plug-and-play handpiece ports

Ergo™ Shaver Handpiece

Providing optimal balance and control, with a max speed of 12,000 RPM

24k® Pump

Offering inflow outflow with custom features and flexibility to increase OR efficiency

10k® Pump

The “friendliest” pump on the market, providing up to 2 liters of inflow per minute

Eco-Flow™, Gravity, and Single-Use Tubing

A variety of efficient and cost-effective options, compatible with the 10k and 24k Pump


Edge® Bipolar Arthroscopic RF System

With a unique one-piece electrode, to enable bulk tissue removal and fine-tune sculpting

ESA Monopolar Electrodes

A diverse set of electrodes designed for ablation, tissue modification, and coagulation

Hall® Power has been trusted in ORs for 50+ years, delivering superior performance and value.

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