Arthroscopic Resection System

The D4000 has intuitive features that deliver new levels of simplicity, versatility, and performance. Two plug and play handpiece ports provides continuous, uninterrupted power. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface and versatility, supporting 31 handpieces, 5 languages, customizable user-profiles, and built-in wireless connectivity to support multiple wireless foot controllers.

Documents and Specifications

D4000 Arthro Power Console

D4000 D4000
Height 5.6"(14.2cm)
Width 14"(35.6cm)
Depth 16.5"(41.9cm)


D4001, Procedure Cart

CAT # D4001

D4001D, Optional Drawer with Mounting Hardware

CAT # D4001D

D4001S, Optional Accessory Shelf

CAT # D4001S

Thorne Chuck 5/32”

CAT # D9900

Resection Wireless Foot Control

CAT # W2000

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