Uniting Efforts, Expanding Solutions

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CONMED and In2Bones
are officially one entity.

Through this acquisition, we strive to deliver innovative solutions, simplify techniques, and elevate outcomes. Merging our passion and portfolios allows us to better serve our customers and the patients they treat.

“This acquisition is a natural strategic extension of our Orthopedic portfolio. In2Bones is an exciting platform for CONMED to enter the extremities market.”

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Curt R. Hartman

Chairman of the Board, President, & CEO, CONMED

“The CONMED team clearly shares our focus on people and clinical innovation to address unmet needs, and we look forward to continuing to advance our solutions and deliver them to patients across the globe.”

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Alan Taylor

VP & GM, In2Bones


CoLink Vallux®

A joint-sparing MIS solution for Triplanar Hallux Valgus Correction with zero prominence plating system

QUANTUM® Total Ankle System 

Designed to address the complexity of TAR and enable reproducible outcomes for every surgeon

Hercules® Knotless Syndesmosis Implant System

A low-profile knotless solution proprietary BightForce™ suture provides an ideal alternative to rigid screws

TruShot® with Y-Knot®

All-in-one, shallow fixation system designed to reduce misalignment during drilling and anchor insertion 

CrossFT® Knotless

Offering controlled tension designed to optimize tendon compression, in PEEK or biocomposite

CartiMax® Viabile Cartilage Allograft

A viable cartilage allograft designed to facilitate cartilage headline and regeneration

*Not available in all markets


For more information on In2Bones products at this time, please visit their website directly.

All Sterile, All the Time

With In2Bones you’ll experience pre-packed, pre-sterilized, single-use implants and instrumentation. What does this mean for you? A reliable, efficient alternative to reusable trays and hardware.

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UDI Traceability
Every implant carries a UDI label, simplifying tracking for patient health and insurance records.

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Streamline Workflow
Eliminate time and resources associated with reprocessing multiple trays of equipment.

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Risk Mitigation
Single-use and sterile packed, reducing the potential for contamination or infection.

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