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Setting the standard for performance and ease of use.

Independent adjustments for pressure, flow and shaver suction.

Four Presets – Knee, Shoulder, Small Joint and Hip – vary the set pressure, flow rate and suction.

Clear Field – Combines tamponade and lavage to stop bleeders and flush the joint. One push gives you two minutes at 20mmHg over set pressure before automatically returning to set pressure.

Declog Shaver Blade Feature – Reverses suction to the shaver blade, forcing the clog out the tip.

Drain – Stops inflow while running outflow to aid in draining fluid from the joint at the end of the case.


  • The 24k® utilizes exclusive TIPS™ Technology and Inferred Pressure Sensing
  • Large, easy to read screen displays
  • Pressure Sensing Mode


  • Operates as a simple inflow pump
  • Operates as an inflow/outflow pump
  • Operates as an inflow/outflow and shaver suction pump
  • Operates as a laparoscopic lavage pump


  • Intuitive one-step cassette loading for quick setup and priming
  • Allows for adjustment of run/stop, set pressure, flow rate, shaver suction rate, clear field, shaver declog, and drain
  • Automatic recognition for arthroscopic and laparoscopic tubing sets
  • Easily fits on video carts
  • Non-invasive connection between shaver sensor and shaver handpiece cord
  • Detects when shaver handpiece is turned on and automatically switches the pump from outflow to suction

24K® Fluid Management System

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24K 24k® Irrigation Console

Autoclavable Remote Control

Catalog #


C8115 24k Hand-Held Remote Control

Tube Sets

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24K100 24k® Arthroscopy Tubing Set with Outflow/Suction
24KTIPS 24k True Intra-articular Pressure Sensing Tubing Set
10K100 10k® Arthroscopy Tubing Set
10K100D 10k Arthroscopy Tubing Set for Dyonics
10K150 10k Arthroscopy Tubing Set with Outflow Line
10K500 10k Laparoscopic Tubing Set without Probe
10K505 10k Laparoscopic Tubing Set with Probe
10K600 EcoFlow® Day-Use Pump Tubing Set * Must be used with 10K605
10K605 EcoFlow® Single-Use Patient Tubing Set * Must be used with 10K600


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24K900 24k Shaver Sensor
24K191 24k Shaver Sensor Extension Cable
C7104 AC Power Cord (115 VAC)
C7105 AC Power Cord (230 VAC)
9321 PuddleVac® Floor Suction Device
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