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Designed to be universally adaptable to a variety of ES pencils and generators currently marketed, CONMED offers a highly efficient line of ablators: LightWave® Ablators, Concept® Ablator, UltrAblator®, HeatWave® electrodes and the “first of its kind” Trident® Resection Ablator.  These innovative monopolar electrodes provide the surgeon with high performance, resection and tissue modification.  A variety of angles, diameters and lengths are available, providing a full range of options for the surgeon, while covering a variety of arthroscopic procedures for small and large joints.

As with all of our ablation products, an aggressive pricing structure allows the surgeon, patient and facility to share in the savings.

Bipolar Soft Tissue Ablation

Edge Arthroscopic Energy System

LightWave® Ablator Product Line

LightWave Suction Ablator
LightWave Ablator (2 button)
LightWave Ablator (Foot Control)

UltrAblator® Electrosurgery Product Line

UltrAblator - Standard
UltrAblator 3 Rib – Aggressive
Aspirating UltrAblator

Concept® Ablator Electrosurgical Product Line

3.2mm dia. Concept Ablator

ESA™ Electrosurgical Arthroscopy Electrode Kits

Soft Tissue Electrode, Hook Design
Meniscectomy Electrode, Standard Design
Meniscectomy Electrode, 90 degree Angled Tip
Meniscectomy Electrode, 45 degree Angled Tip
Meniscectomy Electrode, Loop Design
Acromioplasty Electrode
Small Joint Electrode, 90 degree Angled Design
Basic and Mini-Kits

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