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Reusable Electrosurgical Pencils
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CONMED boasts the industry's most expansive line of electrosurgical pencils, having one suitable for every surgical application. With fully sealed switch boards, latex-free construction, and a highly visible yellow body, CONMED electrosurgical pencils can be relied on to provide hemostasis while proving to be cost effective. With disposable, single use pencils in Rocker Switch and Push Button configurations to Hand-Trol® and low torque foot control pencils, CONMED provides electrosurgical pencils to serve specific surgeon preferences. CONMED also provides a complete complement of reusable electrosurgical pencils. CONMED's disposable pencils can be ordered with UltraClean® electrodes that feature a corrosive-resistant, easy-to-clean finish that saves surgeons valuable OR time and resources.


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